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Known for our competitive pricing and customized service, Le Soleil International Logistics is the first choice of many to get things done smoothly and on time—minimizing the bumps along the way through every stage of the delivery.






Trucking Services

At present, Le Soleil’s fleet of  43 Tractor Heads for Manila and 54 Tractor Heads for the out-ports to serve customer hauling requirements makes an average of 600 trips monthly for Manila and out-ports.

We strive to meet environmental standards for clean air by conducting regular emissions tests, and by using alternative fuels.

Custom Brokerage

We also deal with customs clearance that caters to major corporate accounts, particularly in pharmaceutical, medical and commodity—based industries for both sea and air shipments—averaging 400 TEU per month.

Depot Operator

To provide maintenance support, we offer container storage, repairs, cleaning and testing services for our client’s peace of mind.

We hold over 5,000 sqm of developed land in the Harbor Center Terminal in Manila with a 800 TEU capacity and 2 hectare land in Cagayan de Oro.

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